"Make Me a Computer!"

I've been working a lot lately. It drives Finn and Maya crazy. They hate me when I work too much. So today as I was opening my laptop, Finn turned to me and demanded, "I need to work! Make me a computer!!!"

So I did!

Materials for Finn's MacBook:
• Chip Board or Masonite
• Printouts of computer images (found in a high res Google image search)
• Gray Gaffers Tape (courtesy of Wes's stash) but duct tape would probably work, too...
• DVD drive made from cardstock
• A mouse I had lying around

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Beth said...

So cool! I love that.

Lexi said...

Ok, you fooled me!

I really thought it was a real computer and was wondering when you were going to show pictures of the constructed computer until I realized I was looking at it all along.

That is awesome!

Finn really will need a computer soon; I mean, look at Mom and Dad...photography genius + creative designer = one talented little guy! Seriously, he's going to get it honestly.

Now can you rub off some creatve genius on me? I need some! :-)

Holly C. said...


dandee said...

you're amazing. plain + simple.

Barefootlotuss said...

Just ask you anything.

The Queen said...

Seriously??? That is so awesome! I'll bet he loves it.