Supermom Series II: Lecia Phinney

Throughout this holiday season I will be featuring inspiring women in a series I like to call the Supermom Series. (This is the second time I have run the series. Find the first HERE.) I love doing this series because it gives us a glimpse into the lives and hearts of other women and moms. To see how they do it. To see what makes them unique and inspiring. And to see some of ourselves in them, and hopefully grow in the process. Every Monday through December and January, I have had a new "Supermom" with me to answer a few questions. And today marks the last day of the series.

Lecia Phinney of A Day that Is Dessert is with us today! She's lovely, refreshing, has a superior eye, and she's real. I thought she would be the perfect wrap-up for this Supermom Series.So without further ado, one last time, here we go. Do you remember the questions?
What inspires you? :: Where do you find it? :: How do you live it?


Quiet moments in my day allow me to find inspiration in my surroundings. Sometimes these moments just happen, sometimes I have to be conscious to create them. The stillness - even if a matter of a minute - allows me to notice everyday beauty, and strengthens my connection to those around me. Sometimes they are found when I'm alone; sometimes they happen in the midst of the hustle and bustle of family life. Alone on a walk on a frosty morning. Taking in the waning daylight or the smell of a fire in the fireplace on a walk as my boys race ahead of me on their scooters. Noticing the moonset as I'm getting started with the day.

I wish you a few moments of quiet in your day amidst the rest of all your living.

Thanks to all who participated in the series, and also those of you who visited to share in what these wonderful women had to say. Stay inspired!

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Leciawp said...

Thanks so much Lyndsay for including me! xox

Becky said...

Great idea for a series! I have been reading Lecia for a long time. She captures these moments she's talking about so beautifully in her blog. Thanks!

Deidra said...

I love Lecia's blog and read it every day. It is a place of serenity and yes, inspiration! The photos are always stunning.

Barbara said...

Lovely post! I have been reading Lecia for quite a while and she never fails to enchant me.
Supermom, for sure.

Anna said...

great questions--great answers!

Nicola said...

beautiful, as always, lecia!

Francesca said...

Lecia, that photo of the gate and ladder is new to me: it's beautiful, where is it? I find that each every one of your photos captures just that: moments of quiet, beauty and connections.

Allie said...

I just found your blog today, and I love this series! Thanks so much!