Overheard at my house tonight by almost 3 year old Finn and 9 month Maya:

Finn: "Oh Maya. You're so cuuuuuuute!" (while pinching cheeks)
Maya: "Dadadadadadada."
Finn: "Mama, Little Foot too scary. I want to watch Jurassic Park." (this is a recurring theme)
Finn: "Mama, by the way, there's a crocodile in that river!"
Finn: "Mama! SSSSHHHHHH! Maya's sfweeeeping!" (in response to me making tea in the kitchen after it took Maya 2 hours to settle down to sleep)
Finn: "It's Baby Pamaya!" (we call Maya "Maya Papaya")
Me: "Stop pretending to shoot Maya, Finn."
Finn: "No, she a Mayasaurus!"

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Christy said...

Finn is so freaking cute I want to pinch his little cheeks! In the nicest way possible!

thatgirlblogs said...

mayasaurus :)

April Kennedy said...

love it! how creative that Finn is with the mayasaurus!

Unknown said...

The best part is I looked it up and there is a "Maiasaurus." Ha!