Some Holiday Cheer

So while I am procrastinating packing for my imminent trip, I thought I would share some holiday hilarity. Well I think it's funny, at least. My brother, Greg, works for a Production Company called Red Productions. We are friends with the owner, Red Sanders. Wes has worked on a few projects with Red. I designed their identity, etc. So we have a few ties to Red Productions. Not to mention they are a super fun bunch over there. Last year Greg was featured in their annual holiday video as a "Gingerbread House Creator Extraordinaire." And this year they continued the tradition with another holiday short. Even if you aren't familiar with this group, I still think you'd get a god chuckle from the videos (if you decide to watch them, watch them in order so you get the references in this year's video).

So check them out! (Click on the graphics below to go to the videos.)

2008 Holiday Video:

2009 Holiday Video:

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April Kennedy said...

Oh Lyndsay! My whole family just crammed ourselves into my little office to watch these. WE were laughing out loud! Sooo funny. And Dave, with his broken ribs, was trying to not laugh, but instead made deep deep belly laughs nice and loud thanking you the whole time for hurting him!

Thanks for sharing! Have a great trip!

Ali said...

OMG, I could NOT stop laughing. Greg cracks me up. Miss that guy! Thanks for sharing.

Babeich said...

Hysterical. Your brother was awesome!