A couple of weeks ago I received a package in the mail with Nourish bottled water inside. I had been in contact with some people at the company, and agreed to review the product, based on our little family's drinking needs. Nourish is not just any bottled water. It's especially designed for babies and toddlers! And it's really great. And I am not just saying that because they sent me two free water bottles. Here's why I enjoyed trying Nourish.

Nourish comes in both a baby and toddler version. It's BPA free, recyclable, and made in the U.S.A. Nourish Baby comes as a formula-ready bottled water (it's 8 oz. of pre-measured purified spring water). It comes with measurements marked on the bottle, so that you can just take off the cap, add your powder formula, shake, and go. They boast being able to make feeding a cinch in a pinch.
And even though Maya is exclusively breastfed, she took one look at the bottle and started screeching for it. I had planned on letting a bottle-feeding friend try it out. But I couldn't resist seeing what Maya would do. Maya WILL NOT take a bottle. Until Nourish! She grabbed that bottle and started guzzling. I could not believe it. Seriously. I guess she likes the shape and the nipple. The bottle was easy for her to hold, and didn't leak when she dropped it into her high chair and sat on it for 30 minutes. I have been re-washing it in the dishwasher and using it over and over. The sticker starts to crinkle after repeated washings, but otherwise it holds up well for repeated use, considering it's technically a disposable/recyclable product. I am looking into buying more of these to have on hand for Maya, seeing as it's the only bottle she's interested in, and she'll drink water or juice happily from it (still haven't tried breastmilk...). And the ironic thing is I thought this was the product we wouldn't have a use for.

Nourish Toddler is very similar to the baby bottle. But instead of a nipple, it has a bright green sippy lid, and 10 oz. of water, instead of 8. The spout is soft silicone, and leak-proof. I like this product in a pinch. Outings at the Zoo and while traveling (THE AIRPORT) would be perfect for this product. The only drawback was Finn wasn't crazy about the sippy spout. Because it was soft and not hard plastic, he kept saying he was drinking from a baby bottle, and eventually abandoned it to his regular sippy cup. But a younger toddler Finn would have loved it, and I think an older Maya will be happy with it, as well.

Other things I like about Nourish:

• The bottle shape! It's an oval shaped bottle making it easy for even tiny hands to grasp. It fits better into my diaper bag sippy pocket. And even though stroller cup holders are round, it fit in there tightly, so that it didn't fall out like round sippies when hitting bumps. Pretty impressive.

• The fun lid color: it definitely got my kids' attention.

• The seal under the lid to ensure purity and freshness.

• The look of the product and clean design of the logo and packaging. It passes my graphic designer test with flying colors. :)

Right now Nourish is only available in select states, but can be ordered online by the case. It would be great to have a few cases on hand for emergencies (read: earthquake-prone California). And it is also available in the Burbank and Phoenix Airports (among others)—Weeee! That makes my holiday traveling easier. (I was so glad to read that it was available in airports, because after you dump out the water in a sippy to go through security, you have to refill it in the bathroom or water fountain. Yuck.)

For a full list of product availability visit their website HERE.

(I did not receive any other perks by posting this honest review, other than the two free bottles. Thanks for the opportunity to review your product, Nourish!)

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