Corners of My House: Christmas

This is as Christmas-y as it's going to get around our house this year: Cider and whipped cream with Christmas Carols or a movie in the background. I am leaving for Texas next week (my parents' house has ample Christmas decorations that more than make up for my lack of decorating). And honestly there really isn't a spare Corner of my House to house a tree! And then we're on to Mesa for a few days. So blogging might be scarce. Supermom Series is slated to continue each Monday through January. So check back to see all of the other wonderful posts. I am so excited to be with my family in Texas! It's been too long.

On a separate note, I put the movie Enchanted on today. Have you seen it? Well, there aren't many Disney Princesses at our house. Not even one, actually. Maya is subjected to cars and dinosaurs all day long. But today when Enchanted started, Maya was TRANSFIXED. She squealed in delight at all the animated woodland creatures. I think I might have a little princess in the making. :)

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April Kennedy said...

hmmmmm....I've never tried whipped cream on my cider. My Christmas decorations are not up yet either...and I think I am keeping it simple this year...whatever I can carry in my arms from the attic is what will get put out. Not the bins and bins of decor. Although the the tree trimmings will come out if we ever get a tree. I hope you have a wonderful time in Texas and Mesa! Glad you will be with family!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Our house is the same... a few nisse here and there but no real decorations because we leave for Texas in SEVEN DAYS!!

I have to admit.... I thought the best part of Enchanted was McDreamy! :o) LOL

Jessica said...

How wonderful that you get to go see family for Christmas! Does Wes actually get to go?

Pastelred said...

Perfection! (it is COLD in Texas today. I will be part of Running The Rock this weekend,so lets hope for 50 degrees)
The movie, Ever After is our "Enchanted". Interesting, we all have that special movie.
Happy blessed holidays!
(your blog is wonderful)

Beth said...

Have a great trip Lyndsay, and Happy Holidays!

Tiffany M. said...

I'm so glad Maya likes Enchanted because that is one of my favorite movies ever. I can't wait to smell her head again.