I think I got off on the wrong foot...

There is a trend that is apparently becoming part of my adult existence. And that is injury inflicted to my right foot. Remember THIS and THIS? Well now I can add this:
Are you tired of photos of my right foot yet? I am! In this lovely shot, Finn's dragon is biting my injured toes, to help things along. (grimace)

"So what in the world happened to you THIS time, Lyndsay?!" We all know I can be a bit of a zombie in the middle of the night. And last night was no exception. I was so tired after all day with the kids, and then a late night design session that I didn't even bother to put PJs on. I climbed into bed, jeans and all. At 1am I hear Finn, "MAMMMMAAAAAA!" So in a groggy rushed effort to get to him before he woke Maya up, I BANGED, JAMMED, KICKED, SLAMMED my foot into the door. I said a bad word, hit the wall with my fist, and actually shed a few tears. I was certain I broke my toe. Wes got me some Tylenol, and we piled into our bed (Finn and all), and off to sleep. This morning it didn't look so bad, but as the day has progressed it's clear I have one little toesie in particular that is in real distress. So I taped it to the others to help it out a bit. I have got the limp walk down so well by now that it hardly looks like I'm missing a beat. It's becoming my normal walk. HA!

Name this quote, and I'll give you a virtual high five:
"In this country someone's got to prefer black toe."

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On One Hand said...

Awww...poor toes! You really should be nice to your feet =]

And would that quote be from "Lost in Translation"? Me thinks so.

Babeich said...

Just don't step into a George Forman grill next (ala Michael Scott). ;)