Band together.

I miss my wedding ring. It's in the shop. I apparently like to bash it into door frames and bend the prongs. (What's all this about me and ramming things into doors?) So my left hand looks single this week (except if you look closely you'll see my permanent indentations). I have a 3 part wedding ring. There is the engagement diamond ring. Then there are 2 platinum bands on either side. They protect the delicate center ring, I like to think. I paid a little extra this time to have the whole lot polished. They should look like a loved version of new.

Wes and I will be married 6 years on November the First. We look like a loved version of new. Wes is gone so many hours out of the week, but he's always happy to come home to me. I am very blessed for that. He has saved me in a lot of ways. And even though currently I am "doing it without him," I still couldn't do it without him. He protects my delicate self, I like to think.

(Because of an effort to save money and watch less TV, we only have Apple TV at our house. That means no regular TV—local channels or otherwise—at our house. So I missed Stephanie Nielson on Oprah today. I am quite sad about it! If anyone knows of a way to watch the entire episode, please please point me in that direction. Many thanks in advance.)

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Ali said...

I didn't find the whole episode for you. But here is a clip from the show. It was wonderful to watch. Stephanie is so inspirational. I feel like I know her, even though we have never met. There are people in this world that have a spirit about them, and she is one of them. I always thought you had a spirit about you too. So glad we became friends. Miss you.


Shorty said...

Have you checked Hulu.com? I'm not sure how long it takes to get episodes posted, but you can watch entire episodes of most shows, I think.

Christina said...

I'm sad for you!

I cried the entire show. She was beautiful and sweet and humble.

I didn't know about Nie until after the crash but since then I've been SO inpsired by her. It was a treat to get to hear her voice on the show.

Maybe someone who has a dvr and a dvd recorder could make you a copy of the show? Or is that illegal?

April Kennedy said...

I'm only 6 hours north if you can't find someone local to watch it with. We could make a fancy chocolate cake and chat and watch it and you and the kids could spend the night and then drive back home. It could be really fun! And I am totally serious with the offer! Although it might go against the whole 'saving money' bit.

Beth said...

So sorry about your foot. And hey, I'm single this week, too. I just dropped my rings off for repair today. I just deleted the episode off my DVR, but I bet there is someone who lives in your ward who has it. Emily maybe?

Allegra said...

do you know how one records it off a DVR? if you can provide me with instructions, i still have it on my DVR and would be happy to send it along. email me at allegracraig@gmail.com.


Kristina said...

You can't get it through your antenna? That's all we use. Free and you get all the local stations. We have a DVD recorder and records to disc. Rarely use it so if you want something and it isn't available online...let me know!

Unknown said...

We never hooked up a digital box when we got here, so technically everything is all fuzz. But I am warming Wes up to the idea that sometimes it's nice to actually HAVE a few TV stations.