Just a little note to say how much I care.

Dear Little Tykes,
Thanks for making the Cozy Coupe. I bet you thought I was going to stop there. Nope! Thanks for making the Cozy Coupe the most difficult thing that I have ever assembled in my entire life. EVER. Thanks for making no actual pre-drilled screw holes, allowing me to learn the new skill of hand-screwing blunt screws straight into high-quality plastic. (I would give you guys the thumbs up for high-quality plastic, but I gouged a chunk out of my thumb while I was trying to screw into said plastic.) It was also lovely having the opportunity to hammer onto solid metal. The fact that it was a slender, rounded, metal post made it even more enjoyable, as my teeth-rattling hammer kept glancing off the edge, threatening to kill my toddler waiting in the wings. And I truly do appreciate that I skinned my knee, roughed up my elbow (while muffling a curse word), and almost broke the door off the blessed car as it flew out from under me while I was trying to attach the roof (since you recommend attaching the wheels first). In the end it turned out pretty well. The car has a nice "broken-in" feel with random scrapes and smudges acquired while I wrestled the cute new eyeballs onto the front of the car. It was refreshing to work outside in the heat of the day for 3 hours while sweating bullets. It was especially nice to meet two new neighbors I have never met before in the midst of my sweat-fest and random outbursts of near-hysteria. And how convenient that I have so many random screws and thing-a-ma-bobbers left over for my toddler to choke on, or poke his little sister with. I really hope those were "just in case" extras, and not something I missed in the 29+ steps of your instruction pages. Actually, it's quite remarkable that my blistered fingers are even able to type this letter. I hate your guts Keep up the good work over there at Little Tykes!
Sincerely yours,

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Ali said...

This made me chuckle and empathize. I too have put together me share of Baby/toddler things with an absent husband. And everytime it is harder than I thought, takes longer than I planned, and usually puts me in a state of annoyance. and I ALWAYS have parts left over. What up with that? I always fear that said object is going to fall apart as soon as my child uses it resulting in and ER visit and me explaining how I thought the object was safe even thought I had all these screws left over. This of course has NEVER happened, but a fear a continue to have. And I suppose will always have.

PS. Love Nie's new blog design.

April Kennedy said...

I laughed out loud through the whole thing! That was hilarious and soooo true. Hope your body heals quickly and Finn enjoys his new devil ride.

Leciawp said...

Argh sorry you had such a hard time! - funny telling of the tale. I love the new banner you made for Nie - you are so talented!

Lexi said...

Ohhh yes. This is so true!

And I can never peel Peyton {my 2 1/2 year old} out of those cars- we're talking about major melt down mode because he loves them so much.

At least you won't have to build one for Maya!

Or at least I hope you won't! ;-)

HOLMES said...

Lyndsay, this made me LOL. The artwork you added to the Cozy Coupe almost made me wet my pants. Hilarious.

Maria said...

Oh I know how frustrating it is to put kids toys together. Seems like there are always a million parts and the directions are never very clear. I can say that we have one of these Little Tykes Cozy Coupes, and have gotten a TON of use out of it with all four of our kids. Each one played with it until they could not squeeze their little body into it any longer. :) So your hard work will not be in vain, as I am sure your kiddos will love it as well!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Makes Ikea do it yourself items look like a walk in the park eh?

I got a cozy coupe at a yard sale already put together. I didn't really like it though, so gave it away.

Does yours have pedals or just scoot along? The scoot along hurts my girls who like to push eachother too fast.

See ya soon!

brookeisacrazylady said...

Lyndsay, you are freaking funny. please really send this. please please please