Anyone who has visited Beautify My Blog has probably learned 2 things:
1. I design all things blog.
2. I don't do custom work.

Or that's what you think! :) Well, actually, I really don't. But I did keep a few custom clients/friends that are my very favorite to work on, and I make custom changes every so often. Stephanie Nielson over at NieNie Dialogues is one of them. But did you know that her delicious blog, CusisineNie is back in action? And I was able to design her new look. I had SO much fun putting it together for her! It might be my favorite banner I've done. So check it out by clicking on the button below:

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Jenny.Lee said...

I'm so excited CuisineNie is back!

Christy said...

I think it's my favorite banner you've ever done too. Including my own == which is my second favorite one you've ever designed. And the button is super cute too. LOVE IT! You're so talented Lyndsay!!

{april kennedy} said...

Oh Yeah! That one is the cutest! I love it and am looking forward to cooking more Nie recipes soon!

Asha de L'arbres said...

I believe it may be a dream kitchen even! I really love old metal kitchen hutches and gas stoves! :D