Anyone who has visited Beautify My Blog has probably learned 2 things:
1. I design all things blog.
2. I don't do custom work.

Or that's what you think! :) Well, actually, I really don't. But I did keep a few custom clients/friends that are my very favorite to work on, and I make custom changes every so often. Stephanie Nielson over at NieNie Dialogues is one of them. But did you know that her delicious blog, CusisineNie is back in action? And I was able to design her new look. I had SO much fun putting it together for her! It might be my favorite banner I've done. So check it out by clicking on the button below:

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JennyLee said...

I'm so excited CuisineNie is back!

Christy said...

I think it's my favorite banner you've ever done too. Including my own == which is my second favorite one you've ever designed. And the button is super cute too. LOVE IT! You're so talented Lyndsay!!

April Kennedy said...

Oh Yeah! That one is the cutest! I love it and am looking forward to cooking more Nie recipes soon!

Asha de L'arbres said...

I believe it may be a dream kitchen even! I really love old metal kitchen hutches and gas stoves! :D