Corners of my House

This is Oopha. Today I walked into my bathroom to find him on the window sill. Oopha is a special friend to Finn. Oopha stayed by Finn's side the entire time Finn was in the hospital last December, even when Finn was just out of surgery and only knew Oopha was there subconsciously. I recently discovered him in storage, and brought him down to be reunited. Finn was delighted!

(To see Oopha supporting Finn, visit HERE.)

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JennyLee said...

Aww, I love elephants. He is too cute.

KatieJ said...

I love corduroy! That is a cute toy, Charlie is just starting to have fun with stuffed animals and it's cute!

Pink Slippers said...

A sweet little corner. The love of a little boy.

Goddess Leonie said...

Oh what a sweet Oopha... a little healing angel!