WES is talking with LYNDSAY about his day at AFI. They are deep in conversation about one of his projects. LYNDSAY is seated on a dark leather couch, WES on a light leather recliner. Finn plays happily among them, and LYNDSAY and WES notice how well-behaved he is at the moment.

Finn is being really good!

He IS being really quiet. Where is he?

(gestures over WES's shoulder)
He's right there — playing behind your chair.

WES and LYNDSAY exchange a charged look. They know Finn and quiet don't mix.

What's he doing?

(addresses FINN)
Finn? Finn...

FINN smiles guiltily out from behind the chair. He is holding a ball point pen.

He's got a pen! And I think he's coloring on the chair.

What color is the back of the chair?!?!

LYNDSAY spins WES and chair around in a panic, scooting FINN out of the way.

Black. It's black fabric.

LYNDSAY is noticeably relieved. WES also lets out a breath of relief. Then Finn reveals his other artistic canvas.

Momma, Finn color!

LYNDSAY captures a few shots of FINN's handiwork on her iPhone. FINN poses proudly for the camera. Scene closes on everyone laughing at FINN's adorable, sneaky nature.

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dandee said...

Sounds like your chair faired better than my couch. Miss Audrey loves to draw.

I adore that little moustache he gave himself!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Holland and Darcy do this all the time. Be prepared. I put away all the markers and crayons. I have imposed complete supervision on all artistic activities! Sounds bad doesn't it? One time Holland used permanent marker on her face and body. It took about a week to come off. Not cool!
Finn looks really cute though.

April Kennedy said...

oh you are so lucky...i suspected that coming, but thought the picture would be of a light leather couch with black sharpie marker all over it! lucky you...and I love the little mustache he drew on himself!

Ali said...

Luke "drew" all over himself yesterday as well–with my lipstick.
bad parenting 101: when it is quiet, they are up to no good.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

gracie has used everything from ball point pens to dry erase markers on herself and the walls. somehow, she hasn't gotten ahold of a permanent marker yet.

Kristina said...

an artist, just like his parents! how cute!!