Free and Clear

Remember Emily, the Eco Mom? She blogs HERE and HERE. She is giving away some great BPA-Free products on her Natural Parenting blog. If you aren't familiar with BPA, it is a chemical found in many hard plastics that can have harmful side-effects. Lots of baby products contain BPA, and there is a current effort to move away from plastics with BPA. (That is BPA in a super small nutshell—Emily goes into all the details on her blog). I just recently updated my favorite Dr. Brown's bottles to BPA-free (this includes the bottle itself, silicone nipples, replacement parts and bottle accessories). And my pacifiers of choice, MAM, are in the works to go BPA free, too. I also picked up this fun BPA-free baby food squirt spoon from Boon at Babies R Us this week: One more little thing I can feel in control over when it comes to the health of my babies! :)

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Emily Ruth said...

This is a MUCH better picture of Squirt than I posted. Thanks for plugging the Giveaway--seeing as you have wayyyy more readers than my blog does: )

we chirp said...

Oh, you are almost there! Any second or week, right? I've seen the squirt, you'll have to let us know if you like it.

April Kennedy said...

I do love everything that Emily posts....on both sites. I swear I could move right into the Mesa area and love all of you there! And that spoon is ingenius! Hope your big day is soon....for your own comfort and anticipation.