Escape Artist

My parents came into town, and immediately Koda (the crazy terrier that she is) ran away. AGAIN. So my Dad has been scouring the neighborhood and surrounding area for her. I can definitely say that a former Secret Service agent conducting a search for a missing suspect is very thorough, indeed!! Koda was returned safely this evening, thanks to my Dad's superior posting efforts. She jumped into my arms and received a brand new industrial strength collar with heavy-duty tags. I joked that maybe we should just leave the signs up. Laminate them, why don't we, seeing as how she is so fond of making an escape. Something tells me she might just be smarter than she lets on, and is really trying desperately to get out of this home and find new, less aggressive household members (read: people other than Finn).

Koda is safely home.
Clothes are all cleaned and put away.
Dinners are prepared or able to be at the drop of a hat.
Toes are pedicured.
Baby clothes neatly organized by age.
Bags packed.
Baby? Still waiting for her due date to arrive, it seems. I think she might have Koda syndrome. She hears Finn out here and is a little nervous about her new roomie. "I assure you he's fantastic! Rambunctious? Yes. Great big brother? To be sure."

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Christy said...

Awww so cute. Glad your dad was able to bring her home safe and sound! Hope you're as comfortable as possible!!

Shorty said...

Glad your pup is home safe...that's such an empty feeling when they run off like that. If they only knew what could happen to them maybe they'd stay put!

Wishing you all the best as you wait (ever so patiently) for you newest arrival!

April Kennedy said...

That's great that your parents are in town! Glad Koda was found and glad you are still updating us....even if you aren't coming straight out and saying, "NO BABY YET." (even though that would be a completely acceptable post at this point!) :)