Operation Organization: THE NURSERY

I hate to clean. Ugh. I could be doing much better things...like making felt fish, or blogging. But I really don't mind organizing! So I have determined to take it one room at a time. So far I have the nursery tackled, and the laundry/craft room (I'll post that one next). Today I didn't feel like tackling anything. Maybe lamely kicking it, but not tackling it. So I thought I would post about my efforts, instead. I am nesting. Wes even walked into the nursery and said "I think you are nesting" in a very somber tone, meaning "Woah, Lyndsay, what the heck are you DOING in that closet buried in baby clothes?!"

I know I still have 2 months before Baby Girl arrives. But I have really had the overwhelming urge to get this whole house organized. Which is saying something, because the house is already at an 8 on a scale from 1-10 in terms of organization. So I guess I am going for 9.5. :) I ripped into all the old baby clothes (already organized in bins), and sorted out all the stained throw-aways, give-aways, Boy-only, and Girl-potential. I was SO GLAD to find that I had apparently bought Finn lots of white, green, and yellow baby clothes. Now Baby Girl will be a white/green/yellow sporting Tiny. I am A-OK with gender-neutral. And there were even a few soft blue items that I want to make work for her. They are just so sweet that I couldn't resist! I had a powder blue room for my whole life until High School, and I am plenty girly (I am wearing pink today, in fact). I am sure people will buy me the appropriate pink attire at some point (thanks, Mom, for the darling hot pink and lime green skirted onesy with the flower growing up the tummy). Tee hee. Very girly, indeed! So enough of the color issue that society has imposed on us. And back to the matter at hand: THE NURSERY.

(Look at those awesome owl book ends my parents found in Texas!
There's a second on the bottom shelf. They are heavy suede.
I am crazy about them.)

Since (oops! almost gave her name away) Baby Girl will be sharing a room with Finn, that means they are also sharing a closet. Good thing it's large! I brought in a shelving unit from the laundry room and managed to free up enough drawer space for both kiddos, and there are cubbies to spare. Target has baby hangers on sale for $1, and all of their organization gear is on clearance. Be still my heart.

Next up: THE LAUNDRY ROOM, and a poll.

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nbalike said...
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nbalike said...
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dandee said...

You are so ambitious! The nursery looks great and I have to admit, your children's closet is larger than mine. Wah!

Ali said...

WOW looks awesome! Love the nursery! You weren't kidding about the closet space being big. The closet space in our house is a joke. I would love to really rework them into something more functional–it's on the list, the never-ending homeowners list. Gotta love that nesting. It's crazy how that urge takes over and there is no stopping a pregnant woman from nesting. Good luck! I'm looking forward to meeting baby girl Johnson

Lexi said...

It looks great and I love all of the space you have in the closet! Don't worry, I go through "nesting" phases even when I'm not pregnant- I just love an uncluttered and unfettered house. Good luck with your other projects!

April Kennedy said...

You have done an amazing job! And I love the colors in the nusery. Want to come help with my little remodel and decorating?! haha!

I too grew up with my favorite color being blue....I had wished at times in was pink...but it was blue...blue walls, blue blankie, blue bedspread.....all with unicorns of course...it was the late 70s!

April Kennedy said...

Hey...I keep trying to be a sheep...but there is nowhere for me to click on the link to make me a follower....not sure what is up...I try everyday I'm on here....is it me?