Fun with Felt

So I often find myself with extra creative energy to throw around. I have to channel my creativity somewhere, otherwise I go into a funk and want to sit on the couch in my PJs all day, and accomplish nada. It's my way of feeling ultimately productive. I may let the laundry go for 3 days, but by gosh I am going to make Finn fish and a fishing pole out of felt if it kills me! And I am enlisting help... :)

So for Christmas my parents got Finn a darling tackle box with hookless lures. And I put one on a little plastic fishing pole. He immediately proceeded to "cast" that thing all over the house. At the TV, at our heads, and the guitars, speakers, coffee table, windows. You get the idea. OK. Soften it up a bit! So I made him a felt, and relatively damage/pain-free, fishing pole set out of felt and ribbon. I did use a dowel for the rod, but since I covered it with fabric, he hasn't figured out it's actually a stick in there for beating things with (yet...). And he can still tote around the tackle box for effect. The hook was tricky. I finally found a super light-weight plastic baby toy ring in the bottom of the bathroom toy chest. Bingo! Wrap it in ribbon, and we're all set. New Year's Eve was spent sewing and stuffing fish. My Mom, Wes's mom, and Tiffany all helped, so each fish has their own darling personality. And the rest of the New Year's group was left wondering how I could spend so much time working on a project that Finn will ultimately get bored of and ignore. Because I love that kid so much, darnit! That's how. :) (Well that, and I want to preserve my valuables...)

I also have to rave about sticky felt! Did you guys KNOW that they make stiff felt with adhesive backing?! You did? Oh. I did not. until 3 days ago. Finn now has polkadot curtains, and a personalized tote. Super fun stuff. (And sorry for the quality of my photos...I was photographing at night, and I refuse to use a flash, because you can't control the amount of flash on my little Canon. It's either on or off...so I opted for slightly fuzzy over completely blown-out.)

I find myself wanting to create things for Finn a lot. He brings out my creativity. And even if he doesn't fully appreciate all of my efforts now, I know that somewhere I am getting kudos for my handmade love. I found this quote in a magazine. It's from actress Elizabeth Mitchell (whoever that it, sorry Elizabeth). She had sweet things to say about her son. "Having a baby has absolutely increased what I am capable of doing creatively." Here here!

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Babeich said...

You are amazing.

Ali said...

they make sticky felt?? News to me too. Perhaps I should look into that a bit. Where did you find it. Fabric store?

April Kennedy said...

those polkadots make that curtain pop! I didn't know about sticky felt...thanks! although I'm not sure what I would do with it! my creativity does not come quickly...I have to work on it!

Melissa said...

Hey, we don't know each other but my name is Melissa. I found you through Nie Nie's. It was a while ago, when you were coming home with Finn. Going through your posts of him and his illness and the pictures of him broke my heart. I had to check up on you to see how you were doing. I have 2 little ones and they are my whole world! Isn't it crazy how you would give anything to be the one in pain over them anyday. I'm so glad he's up and running and healthy (or so it looks that way, I hope it is) But I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with that little man and the one on the way. What a cute little family you have!!! I'm sure I'll peek in from time to time:)