Slow but progressive

Each day a new tube comes out. Finn is extubated now, which means no more breathing tube. Good thing. But he's having withdrawls from all of the pain meds and sedatives. Bad thing. He is alert and able to sit in my lap some. Good thing. He refuses to eat. Bad thing. He has all chest tubes out. Good thing. He has an irregular heart beat when asleep. Bad thing (well, thing to investigate). I could go on and on. For every step forward, it seems there is a hiccup. But he makes slow progress everyday. He's on methadone (sp?) to help with the withdrawls--it already has helped him rest. Wes and I are hoping for a bit more than 3 hours sleep tonight. It may be the last night in the PICU before moving to the regular children's floor for care. Great thing!

I have photos. They are going to be hard to look at, I think. But I am still going to post them when I have something other than my iPhone to access the Internet. You'd think an entire hospital could supply a teensy bit of WiFi!

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Ellen and Sharon said...

Lyndsay, we have been praying for you and your family. Thank God that litle Finn is making a little progress. We can only understand as parents what you and Wes have been through. May you continue to lift that precious little boy toward God's Healing Hands.

Lee said...

It maybe slow, but I am glad to hear progress. :) Oh and you would think that with how fancy hospitals have gotten that they would offer a little thing like wifi. You guys are continually in our thought and prayers. Keep up the good work little Finn! Go Finn, Go!

dandee said...

I know that even a little progress is a huge blessing in times like this. We're praying that everyday continues to be filled with small steps forward for your sweet Finn.