Curses and Crowns

I wanted to clarify a few things and post a small update. Wes's recent blog entry confused some people and I've received a few e-mails regarding that. Finn WILL get better and come home. He is not home now, nor close to it. Every single medical professional here says these kiddos get better. They don't even give another option. So even worst case scenarios like Finn recover and forget it ever happened (parents get to bear that burden). The sedatives Finn is on have amnesic qualities. So he's in minimal pain, and they are supporting all of his needs as they crop up. Yesterday was a rough day, and Wes, like myself, found that offering affirmations out onto the universe seemed to help. :) "He WILL get better...he WILL come home." It's all a matter of time. It becomes a mantra. Repeating the positives over and over helps, even when you have to cry your way through it.

Finn had a few more procedures yesterday that set us back. But today is going better than yesterday. The goal at the moment is to get him extubated (take that breathing tube out), wake him up, and get him coughing/breathing on his own. That was also the goal yesterday... and the day before. But Finn's body has repeatedly shown us that it is up to FINN when that will happen. So today we wait, and see what Finn tells us to do. We don't get too excited over time frames, and are learning that things can change over an over.

Some medical stats:
- 99.9% sure he has bacterial pneumonia that is being treated by antibiotics.
- Finn's infection was called an empyema, caused from the pneumonia. He has a chest tube helping to drain any final fluids, and the pediatric surgeon said it looks good. His chest tubes will come out in 2-4 days.
- All of his cultures continue to return with no new growth or bad news.
- His set backs and progress are all in normal range.

We're doing a lot of waiting/reading/hanging out. Thanks to Ginger I have a new vampire series to captivate and distract me, called the Blue Bloods series. And Wes is super glad for iPhone games. Once Finn wakes up it will be hectic! So we're resting while we can.

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Babeich said...

I thought Wes' blog was just an account of how you two were feeling. I thought it was actually pretty full of hope - as yours have been. Finn WILL go home soon, and you and Wes ARE amazing people. :)

Shorty said...

thank you for the update, and I'm glad to hear things will look up soon. Hang in there! Still praying for you guys!

Mrs. Jackson said...

Hi Lyndsay, I found your blog through Nie Nie and just wanted to send you and your family - especially Finn - amazing prayers. May the Lord LIFT HIM UP and hold him dear in His hands that will heal him. I pray for you and your husband to remain strong and faithful and for that sweet little girl in your belly.

Robin said...

I can't imagine what you guys are going for. Keep your chin up and remember that it is okay and cleansing to cry. It doesn't mean you're not strong. We'll keep you all in our prayers. I hope the recovery goes well.

Robin said...

I meant going through, not going for. woops. We thought about you at playgroup today.

RebeccaSS said...

sorry to hear Finn is so sick!!! get well wishes from nyc!

Leciawp said...

Lyndsay, I just checked your blog after not visiting for a while and was shocked to read about what's going on with Finn. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. xoxoxo