Well, the association's off, but his heart's in the right place!

Finn has a few new words. He says "ice" (very clearly), and (get ready) MAMA!!!! He has NEVER called me Mama until this Sunday. And he says it in the most heart-melting sweet soft way. I just love it. I keep asking him to say it over and over. So now he's showing off and saying it to everyone, expecting the same squeals of delight.

Finn also started saying another name of note, completely out of the blue today. We haven't been practicing it, and I only said it once today, not expecting him to actually be able to say it back (Finn is pretty tight-lipped about new understandable words...animal noises aside, of course). So at lunch today he said "Jesus!" I was so surprised. And it was absolutely the cutest little "Jesus" you have ever heard. He said it a handful of times today. But the kicker was when Wes handed Finn a magnet, and Finn said "Jesus!" in his little slurred baby voice. What was the magnet? .....

A scarecrow. We cracked up!! Finn really hasn't seen many images of the crucifixion in his short 20 months. So I think he was actually associating the out-stretched, "welcoming" arms, and the fact that the scarecrow is sort of hovering over the ground, with a nice straw-filled resurrected Jesus. (It helped that the scarecrow magnet wasn't wearing overalls like the photo above. It was more of a long shirt, or "robe" effect.) :) It was so cute and hilarious. He promptly put "Jesus" in the magnetic corn field and finished his snack.

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KatieJ said...

Ok that is hilarious! My little ones always seemed to think anyone with long hair and a beard was Jesus! And that is so sweet that he can call you by "name" now :)

Unknown said...

Cute, It takes a childs hart, to know the most important thing in life, Jesus. :-)