One more funny

Well, after the scarecrow excitement, Finn went to take a bath. Afterward, little Buck Naked thought it would be funny to PEE ON THE FLOOR. So we tried not to freak out too much, and at least say that peeing is a good thing (so as not to hinder future potty training efforts). So following the drama (Finn's still in the buff), I said in a serious tone "Finn...did you pee on the floor??" Big head nod from Finn, and a smile. Then, in an effort to completely divert my attention, he did exactly what WE do when we are trying to distract Finn. He pointed to the TV (super boring commercial), and said "WOW!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! WOAH!!!!! HAHAHAHA!" (knee slapping and pointing included). Ahhh, sigh. So cute, yest so cunning.

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