Rains and Shines

When it comes to Desert Living, one thing's for sure: You never can predict the weather. Last week it was a sweltering 108 (or something equally ghastly). So we rushed out to buy a large inflatable wading pool for Finn and a grill (because it is entirely too hot to be cooking in our oven when it's 108 degrees, for goodness sakes!). So we thought we'd be grilling up some kabobs while Finn splashed and had a general good time. Then—in the SAME WEEK—the winds blew in some 50ish-70ish degree weather. Brrr! I think it actually blew in while Finn was swimming and Wes was assembling the grill (which could have been from IKEA with all the tools, small parts, and steps it took to assemble the darn thing). I looked over and Finn's little teeth were a-chattering. So what do you do when the week's weather runs the full gamut out here is the Valley of the Sun? Let's look at some pics and videos:

Super-Sunny-Day Smoothies
Finn is yelling for a sip of that Berry-Limeaid smoothie deliciousness. The trick is to NOT ADD ICE. Use frozen berries instead, mix in some fruit juice, a little sugar, and some cream if you want. Then blend away! They come out super thick and freezy.

Super-Sunny-Day Swimtime
We put the pool under our awning, so that Finn can avoid getting hit by golf balls and the sun's direct rays, thank you very much.

(Oh gosh, Finn is holding a gun....please don't judge me.)

"Wait...is it chilling off all of a sudden, Mom?"

Look closely at those chattering teeth:

Really-Rainy-Day Movie Magic
Wes and Finn had some quality snuggle time.

Then Tiffany, Finn, and I watched Enchanted which inspired Finn to sword fight:

(Um...I swear I do not mean to encourage the idea of weaponry.)

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