I rest my case

This is Finn on his throne...demanding things:

Finn is the King of the Castle. It's no coincidence that my blog banner has a circus feel. That is the same way our house feels most of the time! To prove my point, Wes was on a client call today while Finn was sing/screaming in high pitched fervor. I could not get him to be quiet while Wes was talking. In fact, Finn continued to sing/scream/run away from me all over the house. Wes got off the phone and said the lady he was talking to could not BELIEVE that we had any less than 3 kids in our house. !!! Thank you, thank you. It has been confirmed by someone other than myself that Finn is indeed 3 rolled into 1. 

When Finn is with anyone else other than Me or Me and Wes he is a DOLL. He may always have super high energy levels, but he is so darling and quite the charmer. He is funny and smart and shows off, and wins the hearts of all around him. Then once the party leaves, well...see above photo. 

I admit I have a hard time entertaining Finn all by myself. So I have been brainstorming, and came up with a solution for today. Right now, as I type, I am looking out over my living room of "stations" that are set up to entertain Finn when he wakes up and comes out of his corner swinging. In the left corner we have 4 different stacks of various items (the reigning champs) waiting to be discovered and destroyed (scoops, soft blocks, small wooden blocks, and cups). In the right corner we have the new contenders that I crafted today, so that he won't be so bored with the old stand-bys. I made large blocks out of shoe boxes covered in brightly patterned wrapping paper. He isn't really clued into presents yet, so I am hoping they look more like blocks to him. Those are stacked right next to the basket full of "Finn's Big Boy Toys." Let me explain. When Finn gets sick of all of those perfectly baby-friendly toys with their crayon-colors and clinky plasticity, he opts for oh, say, the big screen TV buttons, my new computer and its accessories, remotes, cell phones, DVDs, guitars...basically anything that is expensive, shiny and breakable. In fact, he prefers those options. So I assembled a basket of Finn-proof goodies. We've got an old computer keyboard, a kid cellphone that is silver and the buttons make noise, some ruined blank CDs that he can stack in the round bulk CD container (you know, the one with the post in the middle—he's bonkers for that), an old cordless phone, and some various harmless items with bells and whistles. I'm hoping for delighted contentment. But knowing Finn, he'll peer into the basket, take a quick look over his shoulder, and bolt for my wireless mouse resting happily on the arm of the couch next to my laptop. Take cover!

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