Spring Cleaning

Doesn't this look just like me?! 
Tiny waist, perfect blond hair, affinity for yellow rubber gloves... 
Don't forget those pearls and pumps!

Want to lose 10 pounds? Clean your closet. That's what I did today. OK, I'm not 10 pounds lighter, but I feel it! I purged—clothes, shoes, and various sundries have all gone to their appropriate new homes (Buffalo Exchange, donation stations, and the big black garbage can around back). Now I have nice, clean, and relatively empty shelves to start refilling with new purchases (just kidding, Wes).

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Melanie M. McKinnon said...

that picture makes me want to slug that lady. she may look perfect on the outside, but i bet she has some emotional issues.

Emily Ruth said...

You inspired me to go clean my office closet.
P.S. I agree with Mel. You look better in an apron than this Barbie does anyday!