It's 1:38 am ... Where is YOUR child?

Mine is sleeping on my lap in the living room while I one-hand-type this post. Finn has developed the bad habit of waking up at midnight every night, wanting to test the waters of the big bed. Bad news bears. Tonight I refused to let him in our room. Wes has to wake up at 5am for a shoot, so I can't let Finn disrupt his sleep by toeing him in the ribs, or just crying it out in his own room. So here we are...all strung out at edging on 2 am.

Today I / Today I didn't:

Made a skirt out of jeans / Mop my floors with the time I spent making said skirt

Did every scrap of laundry / Fold or iron every scrap of laundry

Made a delicious dinner / Make it from scratch

Got dressed / Get dressed until 4pm

Let Finn make a great kitchen floor mess / Worry about cleaning it up just yet

Did 20 measly sit-ups / Work out like I should

Watched Top Chef / Finish all of my design work

Was creative and happy / Let sensible productivity ruin a perfectly random day

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Nichole said...

Today you also:

Made me laugh!

Hope you got some sleep while letting Wes get a restful night.

Lee said...

Oh the joys of being a mom. You just got to love the 2am wake up calls and yes the toe in your ribs.:) I have also come to believe that being random comes with the package of mother hood. You have to find those random little moment when you get to ACTUALLY do something for yourself. When you do find random moments you just have to run side by side with random for as long as you can.:)

P.S. Random and I start running at around 10pm and don't stop till....ehhh 2am!

Emily Ruth said...

I love your, Today I/ Today I Didn't column. I think it should be a regular for you.
And hey, I try not to get dressed before 5 pm. So you beat me there. I find my outfit gets rumply by the time Roger gets home if I dress any earlier. (At least thats what I tell myself the reason is)

Robin said...

I absolutely loved this list!