Incidences of Coincidences

Some of you who are near and dear are familiar with this phrase. You might also be thinking "Here she goes again." I have many occurrences or reoccurrences in my life, and I write them down in a notebook. But right now my notebook is stuck in an unopenable drawer. So I am going to write them here, because after all, this is my blournal. Try it though—the more you document the coincidences in your life, the more you will notice them! And if you really want to spark a coincidence rampage, read Chasing Vermeer, by Blue Balliet.

March incidence of coincidence:
Talking with Katia on the boat about her well-done, self-applied pedicure, she said the nail polish was Essie's "Limo Scene." It was a nice soft white polish.

So basically a "white limousine," right? ...

Well, also on that trip I discovered a really great song by Duncan Sheik, called "Dawn's Request." When I came home and looked it up on iTunes, it was from his album, "White Limousine."

April coincidence so far:
Yesterday I happened to listen to my iPod nano that I have had for maybe 2 years, but couldn't find, until yesterday. I put it on shuffle and it played the 2 versions of the song "Bye Bye Blackbird" that I own, back to back. I love that song. It reminds me of people that have reserved a special corner of my heart. I haven't heard it in a long time, and I was delighted to hear it twice in a row! So last night as I was driving home from Church responsibilities, I turned on NPR, and they were playing jazz. Guess what song was on?! Yep. "Bye Bye Blackbird." And! I had just finished telling someone that when I am having a bad day, or feeling lonely, sometimes I turn on the radio and there is a song on that just happens to be playing that I just know is meant especially for me. God is in the airwaves, it seems!

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Anonymous said...

I love that I am not the only one who does that. I need to start keeping a record of them like you do. Miss you! -Babeich ;)