Rare moments

This is a truly rare moment in the Johnson household. Let me point out why. First off, the puppies would never, in a million years (especially Koda), sit like this with me and Finn in a chair that is fully reclined (making for a more difficult escape). Then you have Finn, who is sitting leisurely in the crook of my arm watching 20 full minutes of Baby Einstein. That is a complete and utter phenomenon for Finn. He can barely sit through an hour of Church (actually there is about 10 minutes of sitting and 50 minutes of us trying to keep him happy and quietly entertained). Now look closely at the first picture. That's right! Koda is letting Finn pet her. And she's not totally freaking out (yet). Good times.

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MoMo 2.0 said...

thank goodness you have a photographer husband who always has his camera ready...this pic is PRICELESS!

Nichole said...

Awe, cute picture of you and the fam hanging on the chair!