Eventful day

Today started off with a trip to the dentist to have 2 (small) cavities filled. I told Wes they are my battle wounds—one from pregnancy, one from nursing. Being a mom takes a lot out of your teeth (even with good dental care)! Good thing my parents got me a Sonicare for Christmas. Then this afternoon I heard the puppies barking more than usual. So I looked out the window and saw cars backed up on both sides of the road in front of my house (probably 20 cars on either side). There was the cutest little puppy running up and down the road, smile-panting. Our neighbors (cat people) caught the little guy and asked if we (dog people) could keep him in our yard until we figure out what to do with the tagless pup. Earlier today I watched Meet the Robinsons, and the little orphan boy in the movie is named Lewis. So I only thought it befitting to call our visitor Lewis. Here he is:

Any idea what breed he is? I have no idea. He is very friendly, and Finn is crazy about him. Too bad we already have two dogs, and Lewis sheds. Otherwise I would invite him in for treats and a warm bed in the laundry room! But he seems happy under the cover of our porch. Lewis sits on command better than Koda. He also chased her all over the yard (friendly flirting, to be sure). I think Koda was a bit deflated to learn today that even when a visitor arrives, she still seems to be the bottom-of-the-rung in the pack order. :)

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