Safety First

We had an eventful evening. We took Finn to the park, where he safely learned to plunge face first down the slide. He has NOT LIKED the park until tonight. So just in time for the scorching weather, it seems! We'll see if we can get a few more good 70 degree days of park play in before it gets really warm.

Also, as I was checking all of your lovely blogs out there, I hear this:
Wes (faintly, but seriously): "Babe..."
Me (vaguely and distractedly): "Huh?..."
Wes (louder and more urgently): "I cut myself good. I need you to come clean me up."
Me (according to Wes naggingly, but really concernedly): "What did you do??"
Me thinking (frantically but trying to focus): "Stay calm...there is blood on the other side of that doorway. And knowing Wes, it's probably a lot."

*Ahem* There was indeed lots of blood running down Wes's arm from a gash in his hand from a box cutter. BUT I stayed very calm, and I was worried, not nagging. I asked if he needed stitches, but he didn't think he did. The cut is on the far side of his palm. It is about a half an inch long, but it's pretty deep, and I had no idea that a seemingly little hand wound could bleed so much! But Wes kept pressure on it, and I expertly applied a butterfly bandage (thanks to a bad Xacto accident in grad school). He is doing fine, though understandably in some pain. And he even went on to finish the photograph he was attempting to make:


Now I am off to clean the kitchen, exercise, and hopefully have time to get to bed before midnight. Blogger—It's all your fault!

Oh! And if you put in an e-mail request for a banner, I will work on those this weekend. :)

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Nichole said...

Weeee!! Love the video. He seems so excited to head down that slide.

You made a great nurse! Hope the hand heals fast.

Emily Ruth said...

Awesome photo! Glad Wes is okay. I'm sure you gave his owie kisses to make it all better. I make Roger do that anyway; )

Nash said...

I went to high school with Wes. I recently came across his blog and just saw yours. What an exciting life with all that photography. I am very impressed. I never knew he was into that.
Your baby is adorable and I love his name. Just wanted to say HI.
I have a private blog, if you email me, I'll add you so you know I'm not some crazy blog stalker. I love blogs too. shanda.nashAThtml.