Our niece, Maggie, drew this uncanny likeness of Finn in his high chair, and Libby begging for table scraps. So, so sweet! For this year's Turkey Day we went up to Wes's parents' ranch in Williams, AZ and stayed at their awesome "cabin." It was so much fun! Grandpa Earl, Tiffany, Eddie, Kimmy, Maggie and Price were all there, too. Libby and Koda came along for the ride, and enjoyed barking at Grandpa Earl's dog, Oso. One of my fave moments: Scattergories around the fire. I love me some Scattergories!

Wes and Libby relaxing at the cabin.

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Nichole said...

I love me some Scattergories too!

The picture is darling. What a good little artist she is.

I'm glad you were surrounded by fun and family on Thanksgiving. :)

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love Scattegories too!!
When you get to DK, we will have to have a game night!! :o)