Ode to the In-Laws


You helped out over Thanksgiving retreat
When I had to stay up off my feet.
You supplied me with giggles,
And held Mr. Wiggles.
You're the cream of the crop—the elite!

Thank you for making house calls
When we happen to take painful falls.
You examined my ankle,
And for that I'm thankful.
So, how long 'till I can frequent the malls??

I'm so grateful for you, dearest Jinx.
Spraining my ankle sure stinks.
But you bought me some crutches,
Thank you so much-es.
Couldn't do it without you, methinks!

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Tiffany M. said...

You have a gift!
These rhymes are sweet and evoke good memories, even of a terrible thing like twisting your ankle.

Ode to Lynnay
Oh pleasant day
My brother sat afront
(or was it behind?)
That talented girl
That struck his heart like
the clash of symbols
Oh lucky day
He married her
Now we have sweet Lynnay
And sweet baby

The end