Attentions all hardwood floor owners! This is the product for you!

OK! THIS IS AMAZING! A while ago my mom told me about this product for cleaning wood floors that she swears by. I have been putting it off for a while, but broke down last week and invested in the best floor product EVER. I have a light bamboo hardwood floor that I have a love hate relationship with. It's gorgeous...when it's clean. But it gets so dirty so easily, and that drives me nuts. And now that Finn is crawling, he has become a miniature dust mop! Grrrr. So I finally ordered some Bona hardwood floor cleaner. This is the most unbelievable way to clean hardwood floors. It comes in a spray bottle and is safe for all hardwood floors. I decided to go with the spray bottle, refill and mop (it's the flat, microfiber cloth kind, and you can get the same mop at Target or Walmart...I was just going for ease-of-purchase). You just walk around the house with your mom and spray bottle in hand, spray a section of floor, then mop, then spray, then mop. It dries instantly and you can walk right where you just mopped, no water needed, no need to rinse a dirty mop (I did the whole house with the same mop cover, then took the cover off and put it into the washer). It's safe for both my puppies and little Finn, and my floor now has a nice luster! I opted to buy the kit below and a refill of the liquid. It came out to about $50 and is worth every penny. I was so excited that I did the whole house in 15 minutes(without even vacuuming, and it even picked pu my dust bunnies). And I never get excited about cleaning. Bye-bye stupid Swiffer Wet! Check it out: http://www.hardwood-cleaner-resources.com

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Nichole said...

Ooooo I've been looking for something great to clean my hardwood floors with. BetI can't find it here though :( oh well. I'll be making a note of that for when we move back! :)

Have fun with your new Hardwood Floor Cleaner! :)