I had a really idiotic moment tonight. I just made Wes help me FRANTICALLY look for the serial numbers to my Adobe Creative Suite software. My computer suddenly wouldn't open Photoshop without a serial #, and I couldn't find that software anywhere. It's vitally important for me to be able to open Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I work with them every day, multiple times a day. I have large projects pending that I need to start work on in the AM. I was basically starting to hyperventilate when those serial numbers went missing and my computer was saying "The important file that holds the information that is crucial for your financial and creative well-being has been irreversibly eradicated."

So it's super late and Wes has to work at 7 am, and I was making him tear the house apart looking for a WHITE box marked "IMPORTANT SOFTWARE AND MANUALS." This goes on for like 3 hours. So I finally opened my hall closet for the 4th time. I had looked in that closet and not seen the box, even though I shuffled through checking lots of times. Exasperated, I thought maybe I was losing my mind, and I would just go through each individual box in there, just to appease my increasingly panicked state. The very first box I pulled out was a GREEN box labeled "IMPORTANT SOFTWARE AND MANUALS." Ooooooops... Found it! (I just recently reorganized the entire house, so I must have been remembering the box differently.) Wes just stared at me and then said in a deadpan voice, "How many times have you looked in that closet?" Sheepishly I said "4." And he just walked right past me and went to bed. I called after him "At least I didn't throw it out!" :) I felt SO bad. I was already embarrassingly laughing at my own stupidity. He didn't smile. Sigh. I had a total airhead moment on that one. Poor Wes. So a big thank you to my husband who was a super good sport about my frenzied panic, and will probably never let me live this down—just like the "white chocolate story" (that one, for those that know it, is a sad moment in "The Lyndsay History of Wit and Wisdom" ... or lack thereof). But that's for another blog entry!

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KatieJ said...

Oh man, I do that all the time, but it's because I'm very unorganized! I'm glad you found it though- that was nice that Wes at least tried to help you!

The Rogers said...

don't feel bad, it's good for them to serve us ;). But I have done that countless times...reorganized the house and then i can't find anything! Glad you found it.