Perfect Products for Oily Skin

I have sensitive, oily, blemish prone skin. And I can't use anything that has gluten, wheat, or yeast in the ingredients. After searching HIGH AND LOW, I have my perfect products. These items prep my canvas for an oil-free day, and give me truly lasting coverage when it comes to makeup. To stay in the loop with more tips like this, join my beauty group on Facebook HERE.

Let's start with SKINCARE. I want skin care that will support my oily skin, blast blemishes naturally, and help with shine control throughout my day. Here's the lineup!
1. Younique Clear Cleanser. Won't strip skin's natural oils. Clears and prevents blemishes, and gentle enough to take off eye makeup in one fell swoop!
2. Kiehls Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic. This toner has silica to absorb oil all day! It's gentle, refreshing, and I can use it year-round. I don't have success with the other Rare Earth products (the cleanser is really harsh). But I truly love the toner.
3. Divine Daily Moisturizer. Use a tiny amount to balance skin if you live in a dry climate. Gentle and fragrance-free. Not too moisturizing for oily skin!
4. Naobay Mattifying Cream. If you live in a humid environment, this blasts shine and keeps oil at bay. Not hydrating enough for me in the desert or mountains, though.
5. Perfectly Posh "I'm Shrinking" Pore Refining Mask. I LOVE to treat my face with a mask twice a month to purify and shrink pores.
6. Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum. This naturally-based serum uses essential oils and other healthy ingredients to zap zits. Forget the harsh chemicals, and give this tingly powerhouse a try!
7. Glorious Face and Eye Primer. This face primer preps your canvas for flawless makeup application! And it will keep your foundation on ALL DAY. Pair with Younique's Touch Pressed Powder Foundation, and your look will LAST, even in the heat. A little dab will you, though! use less than a pea sized amount on your whole face to create a barrier between the oils in your skin and your foundation.

Next up is MAKEUP. As you can see, I have hit a home run with Younique products! Not only are they up to European standards and free of harmful chemicals, paraben-free, and most products are gluten-free. PLUS they have mega staying power! Add in some Neutrogena Shine Control finishing powder, and I am a mattified maven! (**MAKE SURE you have prepped your canvas with primer to keep your look fresh and in-place all day.)
1. Younique Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer. While this is a cream concealer, it's not oily, and doesn't look creasy or cake-y on my skin!
2. Younique Pressed Powder Foundation. A STAPLE for any girl that glows. Fantastic coverage, zero oil. My very favorite foundation I have ever used.
3. Younique Beachfront Bronzer. Two-toned marbled finish gives the PERFECT shade of bronze that's never too orange or brown. Comes in three gorgeous shades. Long lasting on your face AND in the compact. It will last you for years.
3. Younique Pressed Blusher. This highly-pigmented powerhouse packs a punch of color! Not chalky matte, not shimmery, either. The perfect sheen. It will last you for years.
4. Neutrogena Shine Control Powder. This super lightweight translucent finishing powder (more like fairy dust, to be honest) goes with my everywhere. It blasts the oil without making my makeup look too layered. It won't cake your face, but adds the perfect powdery touch over your already flawless look.
Find at any Walmart, Walgreens, Target, or drugstore.
5. Let's talk eyes! Prime your lids with the super-staying power of Younique's Eye Primer. Zero creasing. True color. Will make ANY eye look last in heat, humidity, through workouts and tears (even swimming). It's magic in a tube.
6. Younique Splurge Cream Shadow. This light-weight mousse to powder formula give gorgeous color you won't even feel on your lids. It goes on in a snap (just use your fingertip), and delivers creaseless, shimmery, lasting color! Buy three at a discount.
7. Younique Mineral Pigments. These little shadow pots come in matte and shimmer, and pair perfectly for lasting looks. My favorites are Sexy, Confident, Heartbroken, and Corrupted. Buy 4 at a discount!
8. Younique Precision Pencil Liners. For lips and lash line, these beauties are more waterproof and lasting than ANY of the professional big guns. Goodbye raccoon eyes. Hello gorgeous, rich, smooth liner color. And talk about color! They come in so many amazing, lasting shades. Last through sweat, swim, and tears, but washes off easily with soap and water. Group them for a discount!

Hope this helps you glowing goddesses stay a little more matte this summer! :)


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