Looking for mermaid tails

When it was time to create a trailer for Fire of the Sea, I was in the hunt for mermaid footage to include in the video. This was TRICKY. I had a bunch of gorgeous footage shot in Iceland by my husband, but I was missing the underwater aspect. I hunted far and wide for a professional mermaid who would allow me to use footage in my project. I was willing to pay, of course, but most mermaids who responded wanted me to pay upwards of $500 for 5-10 seconds of footage. I was literally freaking out. I didn't know what to do. I had recently befriended a fellow mermaid-lover via social media, Raquel English, aka "Mermaid Junkie" (who also happened to have a mermaid tail and underwater footage). I was sitting in bed going through all of the details in my mind again, when Raquel's name floated to the surface. I was hesitant to ask her at first (I don't know why—maybe I didn't want her to think I was taking advantage of her). But she was so enthusiastic about my project! She agreed to let me use some of her footage in my video (and didn't try to charge me $500, which was a huge blessing and relief). But even more than finding a mermaid for my trailer, I found a fellow mer-friend. :) Raquel loves EVERYTHING mermaid. I mean everything. She embodies this amazing mermaid spirit. She has a wonderful outlook on life, and infuses that into every aspect of her professional life, as well. She is knowledgeable, generous, and truly makes you feel as if you are the most important person she could be working with at that moment. I am so happy I can call her friend! Check out more of Raquel's amazing mermaidness here:

Her GORGEOUS website

Also, she signs every one of her emails "Yours 'til my next swim." How charming is that?!

You can see Raquel in my book trailer at 20 seconds:

Fire of the Sea by Lyndsay Johnson (Book Trailer) from Lyndsay Johnson on Vimeo.

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