Updates and meet the main characters of Fire of the Sea

I was in an editing cave for 6 weeks. The last three were brutal. But the manuscript is back with the publisher now. There will be another round of final edits. Then there is cover art to arrange. The book trailer has been shot, and also needs to be edited and finalized. So lots of things to do! I thought I would share some photos from the book trailer shoot in Iceland. I am super excited to get working on this! My husband came back with some amazing footage. Here are a few stills to give you and idea of the look and feel of things (this is exactly how I see it in my mind):

Land legs.

Aeva and Gunnar getting cozy in a cave.

On that note, I thought I should probably introduce some of my main characters (the photos below are taken from the web, not the actual models used in the book trailer):

(Mermaid. Future Monarch of the Nordic Seas. Strong and sure. Nervous wreck. Risk taker. Fate follower. Sound contradictory? Find out how they actually all go hand-in-hand...)

(Loner love interest who gets himself saved by a mermaid—Aeva specifically. Fiercely loyal to those he loves. Builds longship replicas in his spare time. Also, he might be related to Vikings, Norse Gods, or both.)

(Sweet Sissel. Aeva's best friend. Protector. Seer. Twin. Griever. Soft spoken. Coming into her own.)

(Shapeshifter, Demi-Goddess, all-around covetous beast.)

It's hard to find photos of my characters who look exactly like they do in my mind. But I think the models we hired for the trailer completely embody the spirit of the characters, and it was really fun to see it come to life a little bit. I'll be sure to share the trailer when it is ready. So stay tuned for more on the progress of Fire of the Sea.

And as always, thanks for the love and support!

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Lybi Winzenz said...

Eek! Looks so good! I can't wait to read it.

kylie said...

I second that eeeek! Looks fab...and gosh, love that name Aeva. My husband and his family are Swedish and my SIL name is Eva...could just imagine that name for another little girl (not likely, but nice to imagine)! Can't wait to be able to buy your novel. I think it will be amazing.