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I have an super cool giveaway today! A NEW product is getting ready to launch, and I am really excited to be able to review and offer it to you as a giveaway. Presenting the Slicknot Tie from Whodihoo: Easy ties for little guys (that's not the tag line, I just thought it was fitting...)

So why is this tie different? For starters, the knot is removable, which makes the tie universal for a 2 year old and 6 year old (unlike clip-on, zipper, elastic, or velcro ties). The knot it interchangeable, so you can have a pink knot on a grey tie.  The design will always stay the same. With a design that doesn't change you can do interesting things... for example, you can have all the stripes going in the same direction.  Lastly, the knot is held together by magnets (yes, magnets), which give it a simple break away feature, which makes the tie safe for toddlers.

This is a really easy tie to put on, which makes it great for wiggly little ones. And unlike the zipper ties we usually opt for, this one doesn't slip down after 5 minutes! The colors and fabrics are super stylish and hip. Finn was a happy model. He is wearing the Midnight Blue Solid Linen tie (he said it matched his blue shirt). Here's how it went:

Check out the Whodihoo website HERE. All ties are sizes 2-6 (though Finn is almost 7, and could easily wear this for another year). They will be available on Zulily December 8-11! So don't forget to head over and pick a few out for Christmas gifts. Forget giving Dad a tie this year. Outfit your little man with the Slicknot Tie! :)

BEST PART! I am giving away an AWESOME hot pink Slicknot tie: 
(it's a little brighter in person)
It would be perfect for your stylish guy. (Hey, even an edgy little lady could sport this with a black tutu...just a thought!) To enter the giveaway, just check out the widget below to enter (lots of options to get extra entries, too). Giveaway ends Friday  December 6th. Good luck!
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