It's winter here. I know most other places are still boasting fall, with its with changing leaves and cooler winds. And maybe it's even summer somewhere (my friends in Australia...). But here, it's winter. The first big snow arrived last week. We danced in snowflakes the size of silver dollars, feeling like we were inside a snow globe. The mountains look their happiest. And everywhere the contrast of white on dark is almost blinding. Magically so. Everyone here says I'll hate it soon enough. I assure them that I have lived in miserably snowy places that are nothing like Heber City, to no avail."Just wait until February," they say with that look. Or, "Well it's your first winter—give it a few years." And inside of me I hope my little heart out that I will love it then just as much as I do now.

by Hope Harder

I am Snow,
The unknowing say that I am cold.
Only those who love me
know how warm I am.
I bring a blanket of virginity
to cover my beloved Earth.
Silently I come,
bringing oblivion and rest.
In swirls I circle to Earth,
and lay carpets of wintry flowers
over the barren ground.
I bring silence
and a white aroma of peace.
Gently and quietly I festoon the land.
My mother was Rain,
and my father was Ice.
I am Snow—
I come to share
my frozen lace with you.

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Jessica Brown said...


ali said...

Winter is always fun in the beginning, especially with kids because it is fun to be kids with them again, sledding down hills, snowball fights, snowmen and snow angels. But after the 5th or 6th snowstorm that dumps more than 12 inches, you start to get a little annoyed at the white fluffy stuff, especially when your husband is conveniently out of town for every. single. one. and you have to snowblow the driveway with a snowblower that whips you around like a rag doll and you wonder why your arms and shoulders hurt the next day. yep. winter is totally awesome.

Christy said...

What gorgeous photos. I HOPE we get some snow this year. So happy to see you blogging again Lyndsay!