Hello, December!

Now that all the snow has melted and it's breaking 50 during the day, I have to get back into the holiday spirt. I thought putting up the tree would do the trick. But all of our Christmas decorations are packed away somewhere. Still. And when I realized that, I was pretty distraught. So what do you do when you live in a place like Heber City and need Christmas to come in all its full glory to your little rental home? Walmart, baby!! Not too shabby, actually! I am pleased with the classic look of it all. Maya loves the sweet vintage-inspired ornaments. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We have a really cute/quirky Danish advent calendar we got in Denmark before the kids were born. They are dying to start eating those candy canes:

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Melanie M. McKinnon said...

i think you are great. and i miss you a lot. :)