The summer we moved to Utah

Welp (as Finn would say), we've gone and done it. We've joined the masses in Utah. We packed up our lives and moved to gorgeous Heber City. Why Heber City? Because it's smack dab in the middle of Salt Lake and Provo (going the back—and beautiful—route). Wes has had quite a bit of work up here. Wes actually has work in lots of cities, and we chose Utah ultimately because we were up for a change and wanted to try raising our little family someplace a little more wild and rural (with cul-de-sacs, of course). We don't have family in Utah, nor have either of us ever lived in Utah (no, we were not BYU attendees). But we love all four seasons, fresh running water, clean air, a view of the stars, and the solitude of the mountains. And when it comes to those things, Heber definitely delivers! Now, I am totally cheating here, but I grabbed a bunch of my Instagrams to document the pilgrimage. Utah, thanks for the warm welcome!

Bye, Burbank. You were good to us!

Checking the status of things:

Glorious weather:

New friends!!!

You'd think I was in Texas...

We are still in the thick of things over here:

But some corners are coming along:

Finn starts kindergarten in a week:

And in the mean time we are enjoying Utah's bounty:

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Allie said...

I just moved back to Utah last week, and I missed it so much! And amen to the bounty- a friend gave me loads of squash, tomatoes, corn, and a cucumber from her garden, and I got fresh gala apples and local honey from the farmers market. YUM!

Christy said...

I'm so excited for you guys, and now I totally want to move to Heber too - it sounds awesome! Hope you're feeling better!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

I'm jealous and upset you aren't living near me, but so glad you guys found a good place. hope you feel better soon and come visit soon too. Love you!

christina said...

Happy to hear you are settling in nicely. I had wondered why you all moved to Utah. It's a beautiful place and we love to visit. I'm a Texas girl though and am pretty sure I would not survive a winter there. :) Best of luck, Lyndsay!


Jenny Lynn said...

I happened onto your blog google searching " I am Mormon" buttons. Yours are so cute!

Welcome to Utah! We love living here. We are from California. But, have enjoyed raising our family here for the past 15-16 years.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love that you have lives that allow you to do this!!!!
And cannot believe that Finn is STARTING KINDERGARTEN?! WOW!!!