Make me a mixtape

I have a friend named Lindsay (never can have too many of us). Lindsay has gone and created a really cool app for smart phones called Mix Tape. Basically you can create playlists (just like the old-fashioned mix tapes from days of yore), and share them with your crush (or BFF). I'm super excited about this app! And Mix Tape is competing to be the OFFICIAL app of Lollapalooza this year! But they need votes. And with only 4 days left, let's get voting! :) You can visit the site HERE to watch their video and vote if you think this app is as cool as I do. What's your favorite app for summer?


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms. Lyndsay J:)
Mixtape is not yet available in the Apple Store, but is coming very soon. So keep an eye out!
Thanks for the support!