Love Letters

Dear UPS Man,
Thank you for coming to my house 3 separate times today. Sorry that it couldn't have been organized into one drop-off. But my newly potty-trained daughter has very specific taste in My Little Pony undies, and I could only find the 6 pack on Amazon...and then there was the Disney Princess undie pack...and finally the "piddle pad" for her carseat (you know—in the event of emergencies).

Dear House Appraiser,
I am SO SORRY that no one told me you were coming just as I was leaving for "fancy dance" with Moody Miss Maya. If I had known you were coming over with the landlord to take a tour of our little house, I would have removed the popsicle sticks, old raisins, crushed chips, legos, stickers, and dirty laundry from my floor. I hope you weren't too appalled (though I know you probably were).

Dear Literary Agent,
Thank you for requesting the full manuscript of the YA novel I worked on for over 2 years. Now I will be biting my nails to the bone for the next 4-6 weeks waiting for your (hopefully positive) response.

Dear Gatorade,
Thank you for Fierce Melon, by golly.

Dear Antibiotic,
Thank you for curing my throat of the awful inferno that has consumed it this week.

Dear Wes,
Thank you for making time to go to the Temple, so that you can bring some much-needed spirituality into our lives.

Dear Finn,
Thank you for taking the bribe and helping clean up the popsicle sticks, old raisins, crushed chips, legos, stickers, and dirty laundry from the floor. You're a good sport. Now go play Mario Kart.

Dear Maya,
Thank you for being the cutest Prima Ballerina I've ever seen (with the attitude to match). Your dance instructor says it will make for a great performer. Bless her.

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Unknown said...

This post totally rocks, it's almost poetic! We love the UPS man, antibiotics, and fierce grape at our house. Glad I'm not the only one and that you're feeling better!


Jinii said...

Love it! Good luck on your book and I am glad that I am not the only one who has UPS visit multiple times a day. Our UPS guy comes so often he knows my kids nap schedules and make sure to knock during those time!

I also hope your health is doing better!

embot said...

love, love this. makes me miss you even though you're just up the street. ha!

Lee said...

I love how you nonchalantly throw in the YA novel! That is pretty big to be stuck in the middle. I hope it gets published so I can read it. :) Good luck!1

Senja said...

Wow! A novel! That's really exciting. :) Good luck with everything!