Saving my sanity with french fries

It's true that I am still eating very limited sugar, and adhering strictly (and successfully) to my insane diet. I really have no other alternative. (Although I have had a cold and spent all day Tuesday watching made-for-BBC Jane Austen movies, drinking chamomile tea, and eating dairy-free chocolate chips hoping they weren't doing more harm than good...) But on a normal, more lucid day, I am diligent because I know it's what my body currently requires of me. So I am obliging. The ONE THING that keeps me from dissolving on the floor in a pool of my own cake-craving madness is french fries. French fries. A normal person's food! But (of course there's a but), I have to make them myself. And I have them down to a science. Just see below for evidence.

These are not deep-fried (oven-baked instead), but taste just as good in my book. I use Simple Heinz ketchup because it is gluten-free and has the least sugar with all-natural ingredients. Here's my method:

Lyndsay's Oven Fries

• Rinse/scrub as many Idaho potatoes as your little heart desires (2-3 small to medium sized, in my case—I share with Maya)
• Peel first if you don't like the skins. Lately I am a fan of the skins!
• Cut into strips as thick as you like (hint: thinner = crispier + more authentic)
• Soak overnight in water. This is my secret step thanks to a recent tip. It may seem like it's not worth the wait. I assure you IT IS. The fries are SO crispy when soaked. If you're in a big hurry, at least rinse. But I am telling you. Soaking makes these fries!
• Rinse, drain, dry a little to remove excess water.
• Toss in a bowl with olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper.
• Bake on a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet at 400 degrees for 30-40 minutes until crispy and golden brown. 
• Serve with ketchup or your favorite fry sauce. Enjoy!

I also like to crack a little extra sea salt over the whole lot for visual appeal before serving. Hey—it's the little things at this point. :)

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Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford said...

My brother recommended soaking in milk to me years ago...I am too lazy to do that. Plus you probably can't have milk!

I do, however, have a great homemade ketchup recipe I will send you! So yummy!

Your photo reminds me of In 'n' Out fries. Miss those puppies.

I made homemade fries the other night in rendered lamb fat (grassfed). They were amazing!

Barefootlotuss said...


Jaime said...

Got here from Pinterest! I love homemade fries. (So. Very. Much.) This is the first I've ever heard about soaking but now I think it is a must-try. Perhaps tonight. :)

Rene' said...

I just pinned your fries on my Get Campie Pinterest! Great tip on soaking over night...never knew about that.