Clever Calendar Ideas

My partner in crime over at The Blog Guidebook posted all of these super clever ideas for using the calendar I designed this year (found in my sidebar). I thought I would share the post with you!
The printed calendar is glossy and spiral bound
Here's a few example of crafty things you can do with our calendar (or any calendar for that matter!):

Just print out the page of your choice, frame it (8x10), and get instant prettiness!
All you need is a pair of scissors or paper cutter. Cut out images you love. Save the clippings!

The four girls have endless possibilities: first through fourth birthday invitations, labels, gift tags, framed and homemade cards.

Print out and trim, use scissors to cut out tag shapes

A small hole punch and thin ribbon can create a one of a kind gift tag!

Cut out extra butterflies and glue down the bodies, lift the wings. You will have created a shadow-box effect! You can frame this without glass and you've got your own butterfly collection, and no pins!

September will make a super cute tea party invitation! Just trim closely, then write or print out the invite on the inside.

Plan that tea party for September 2012!
After you've used the images you like, save the excess printed paper and use a large circle punch to create extra gift tags!

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Christy said...

Lyndsay! You are so incredibly talented. I just LOVE these images - so different from (what I perceive as) your usual style. Gorgeous!

Hope that granola you baked recently was as delicious as it looked! xo