Happy Holidays!

I'm taking a much-needed break for a couple of weeks (not like I've been super productive on my blog lately, though, right?). We're ready to celebrate Christmas with family. We're all getting over winter colds. And I am starting a couple of weeks worth of a treatment that will hopefully set me on the path to health (and a restored diet, thank heavens). I plan to write more about all that after the new year, because it's information that I think some people could be interested in learning. Other than that, the Johnson house is on Christmas countdown. Presents are bought and wrapped. Santa has been informed of wishes. And I am ready for holiday movies, hot tea, and down slippers. Here are some of my current favorites:

Want, Need, Wear, Read gift tags from Dandee Designs (adorning my gifts this year):
Image of Want Need Wear Read Gift TagsImage of Want Need Wear Read Gift Tags

REI Down Booties (they may look ridiculous, but WOW are they ever amazing):

David Tolk's Christmas Album:

This magical story, read every night to Finn and Maya:

This Gift to the World

What are your favorites today?

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Tina said...

loving those gift tags! good luck with treatments...happy holidays!

Crystal Farish said...

If by "someone" you mean me, then you are right. :) Hope you are having a wonderful holiday with your family. Thanks for being such a great friend. I wish you were my neighbor. :)

Unknown said...

those gift tags are perfect!

just found your blog and have spent an embarrassingly long amount of time surfing it. love it and your designs.