Setting Sail in Granbury

We made a spontaneous trip to Texas recently while Wes was on set in Dallas. The kids and I stayed at the Beauchamp Bed & Breakfast (aka, my parents' house), while Wes did his thing in town. I'll be posting some of the highlights this week. Finn and Maya love the lake, but the life vest is a must, of course. Finn's a-ok with this rule. But Maya? Less than thrilled. There was a lot of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. But in the end, we did get her to cheer up once she was allowed to drive the boat. :)

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Ali said...

We have an in-ground pool and the life jacket rule applies here too. Last year was a nightmare with Gavin, but this past year, they both did great at obeying the rule. Instead of the standard life vest, i got them the kind that has "wing type" sleeves and a waist that buckles in the back. They are great to swim in and are coast guard approved as a life jacket. Found them at target. I'll have to send a pic of them.

christina said...

I drive past the Granbury exit each time I visit my friend in Ft. Worth and always think of you and your family. Glad you had a nice visit!