Get Minted this holiday season!

This year I have decided to dedicate myself to holiday excellence in an envelope. And I am doing it with Minted. I will have super stylish Christmas cards to send out, and it's all thanks to the freshest designs on paper (I secretly want to design for them). Let's be honest. I do NOT have time for Christmas cards. I usually pull it together at the last minute, and leave all the work to my hubby the photographer to make my cards sing by way of the photo. Not this year! No, I will have cute cards, too, by golly. I am in love with so many of Minted's holiday photo card designs. Which will I choose? I can't give that away just yet. But I'll be back in the next month to show off the final selection fully equipped with family photo.

Here are some of my favorites:

But that's not all!
(click titles to go to their site)
 I'm in love with their personal stationery:

Somebody, please, get me this journal, stat!

Oh my fox. I am giving away all my good gift ideas here...

Aaaahhhh! Skinny Wrap Address Labels!
Ahem. I am more composed. But still inspired! 
So click on over to Minted and have an inspired holiday, yourself!

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Anonymous said...

we have used them before, super terrific.

Sarah said...

minted makes everything better.

Shorty said...

Beautiful cards and stationary! Your post makes me want to join in on the fun.

Crystal Farish said...

So excited that you shared this!!!! I love it!