Free iPhone Wallpaper from my design stash

Ladies and Gentlemen. I have a new phone—the iPhone 4s, to be exact. I am not telling you to flaunt my fanciness. I am just so relieved to have a working phone (sure, it's still fancy, and I don't mind a bit). My old one died a slow death. It had symptoms for a while, then the vitals started to fail, and finally it flatlined. A new one showed up on my doorstep via courier just in time, much to my relief. So of course I needed some wallpaper, stat. I had a bunch of my own designs hanging out doing nothing on my computer. So I gave them new life as iPhone wallpaper. And you can have them, too, if you fancy a change on your phone. Here you go!

How to apply: 
(Hop on your iPhone and visit this blog post to grab the images to save directly to your phone)

• select the image for your phone (iPhone 3 or iPhone 4) — you may need to click to enlarge
• hold your finger on the image you want
• save the image to your photo library
• find the image in your camera roll
• select > use as wallpaper
• move and scale to where you like it > set
• choose either your home screen, lock screen, or both!

 iPhone 3 is the smaller image, iPhone 4 the larger

(Thanks to Lindsay over at Run Lucas Run for her directions, which I practically borrowed verbatim. Check out her super stylish iPhone wallpaper design HERE.)

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Christy said...

SO FUN! Thank you so much - I just tried out four of them on my phone and settled on my first choice the light blue wavy one. LOVE it!

Emster said...

So I have an Iphone 4 but that only reason I do is cuz' my husband wanted one so I got one. But that means that I not a very "sophisticated" user. I didn't know I could do this with it. Thanks for the directions & designs! :~)

Amy said...


You are so super cool! And generous with your free downloads and pixie cut styling tips.

(which is one of the reasons why I enjoy your blog so much)

Amy said...

And thanks!

Lovely Lindsay said...

love these! i think the city one if my favorite.
love, lindsay

brookeisacrazylady said...

i dont have an iphone but i love the green one and the city.