The Many Moods of Pantone: Tribute to 9/11 with "Infinity" + a Freebie

I've been wanting to do another mood board based on Pantone's Colorstrology. And as the ten year anniversary of 9/11 approached, I hoped for a color that might pay the right tribute to such a significant event in our nation's recent history. So today's Pantone Mood Board color is the very fitting "Infinity" blue. I couldn't believe it. (I was also amazed when I found an infinity ring created especially for 9/11!) The keywords associated with this color are "Hardworking, Complex, Beautiful." Take a look below to see what Pantone's Infinity has inspired. And don't forget to download the free print at the end of the post.

Click the image below to download the 8.5 x 11 print:

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embot said...

gorgeous! all of it. I'd love to peek inside the sytlist guide to NYC. and i love the print!!

brookeisacrazylady said...

how cool. lyndsay you r so talented