Finn's First!

It was a BIG day for Finn today! First day of school ever. He loved it. I loved it. Maya...not so much. She was not happy about the new arrangement. But Finn was a champ! He alerted the teachers that he needed to say a prayer before lunch, but he would try saying it in his heart. ;) Then he impressed everyone with his ability to already write his name very clearly, plus some letters. And finally he ate his ham sandwich BEFORE his fruit snacks. That's my boy!

Finn requested a pirate patch on his back pack. I delivered. 

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dandee said...

Hooray for FInn! He will love school and he looks so cute and grown up!

Tiffany M. said...

He is so so SO darling.

Shorty said...

He looks so excited! I hope Mom and Sis are adjusting well to the new schedule!