Bedtime Books

My favorite Retro Reads:

I love all of these because they hold a special place in my heart from my childood.
And in every case, the illustrations are among my favorites. Click the titles to find/purchase.

by Ruth Krauss

I Can Fly_04I Can Fly_03
I Can Fly_02

illustrated by Richard Scarry

by Theo. LeSeig
(This one is older and more difficult to find. 
I bought a used copy, but you might be able to find it at the library.)

What are you reading tonight?

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embot said...

I want to have a book exchange with you. our books are crap compared to the ones you post about. Although, i'm not entirely sure we can be trusted with them so i think you ought to complile an amazon list of all these great books in a bundle so i can just press BUY and they can show up at our door.

hahaha. can you do that in your spare time?

please and thanks.

embot said...
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Live Laugh Love said...

I am a new follower please follow me back thanks

Cardigan Empire said...

You gave Coco the "I can fly" book and she loves it. She added a few of her own illustrations to it as well. I also love the "Where is Coco Going" and "Coco All Year Round" and not just because of the name of the main character.